Proposed Bedford Hills – Katonah Business Sewer District

At its December 6, 2016 meeting the Town Board took significant steps toward the creation of the sewer district, as the first phase in solving wastewater issues.  The landmark action sets the stage for implementation of the plan.  The Town Board adopted the Map, Plan and Report, prepared by the Town’s consulting engineers, Arcadis; called a public hearing for 7:00 PM on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 on the proposed plan; adopted a term sheet between the Town and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (which will provide $12.8 million for the program); adopted a term sheet between the Town and the NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (which will transfer to the Town operation and ultimately ownership of its wastewater treatment plant).

On January 10, 2017 following a public hearing, the Town Board determined that it is in the public interest to create, construct and operate a public sewer district.  The proposed district covers the business districts of Bedford Hills and Katonah and the Bedford Park Apartments in Bedford Hills and Katonah Elementary School and St. Mary’s School and Rectory in Katonah.  Effluent from these areas would be sent to and treated at the existing wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility currently operated by the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.   The Town would take over operation of the WWTP and, subject to a period of successful operation, ownership.

The proposal requires an affirmative vote of the property owners in the proposed sewer district, the vote on which will be held in a special election on March 14, 2017.  Each property owner will receive a mailing providing a summary of the proposal, voting information and voting rules and an absentee ballot application.    Please see the documents listed below – you can click on it to view it.

If the proposal is approved, the Town Board will adopt a sewer law which will require all property owners in the district to connect to the sewer system (and decommission their existing septic systems), set sewer rents and establish other requirements.

We will continue to update this page from time to time. 

Sewer Vote
If you have been contacted as an eligible voter in the Sewer formation election and need an absentee ballot, click here for the application. Any questions please contact Boo Fumagalli, Bedford Town Clerk at 914 666-4534.
Supervisor Letter to Property Owners in Proposed District
Summary of Proposal
Rules of Voting

Order Calling for a Public Hearing
12-6-16 Town Board Res Agreement between Town and NYC DEP
 12-6-2016 Town Board Res Agreement between Town and NYS Corrections Dept
12-6-16 Town Board Res Negative Declaration under SEQRA Determination
Bedford Sewer District Map Plan and Report Final (12.9.16)
11-15-16 Bedford Town Board Resolution to Proceed on Sewer Plan
Sewer Allocations Memo 10-24-16
11-3-16 Q&A Sewers Septic Watershed
6/28/16 Public Information Session
Information Regarding Sewer Plan June 2016
Sewer Plan Financial Considerations June 2016
Arcadis Sewer District Feasibility Study April 2016 
Malcolm Pirnie Sewer Plant Condition Assessment June 2011
Malcolm Pirnie Sewer District Feasibility Study July 2003
WestchesterCounty Septic Pumpout Review 2016
Town Request for $19,250.000 to Northern Westchester Watershed Committee 6.27.16
Correspondence – Department of Corrections and Community Supervision
NWWC Resolution Supporting Bedford Sewer Project 7.7.16
Survey to Property Owners and Tenants in Proposed District

7-29-16 Update Memo to Town Board

Sewer District Feasibility Study Task 2 Final Technical Memo 9-15-16

Guidelines for Decommissioning Septic Systems
Guidelines for Abandoning Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems
New York State Department of Health Decommissioning Septic Tanks