Drug Abuse Prevention Council

  • 914.234.3227
  • Five-member board, 2-year appointment
  • Meets the 1st Monday of each month at 9:15-10:30 am at the Presbyterian Church, Room 9, in Bedford Village
  • Visit the  Drug Abuse Prevention Center website
Current Members

Patty Warble, Executive Director
Lyn Bayuk
Laurie Ciavardini
Barbara Carbone
Trudie Goldmann
Tim Ives
Sedef Orsol
Lauren Smith
Paula Prentis

Ex-Officio Members:

Heather Buono, Student Assistance Counselor at FLHS
Rich Perry, BPD, School Resource Officer
William Smith, BPD
Chief David Ryan, Pound Ridge PD
Chief Frank Secret, Lewisoboro PD
Andrew Allewellyn, Lewisboro PD, School Resource Officer at JJHS
Kiri Ryan, Social Worker at JJHS/MS

Through a combination of providing informa­tion and public forums, the Drug Abuse Prevention Council seeks to implement science-based prevention strategies that focus on increasing protective factors and decreas­ing risk factors associated with alcohol and drug abuse in individuals, families and communities.

The Council is a three-Town cooperative effort, funded by Bedford, Lewisboro and Pound Ridge with representatives from each Town having membership in the Drug Abuse Prevention Board.

First, the Council provides information from research about drugs and alcohol, the way they affect individuals and their families, ways to identify the abuse of drugs and alco­hol, resources for intervention and strategies for prevention. The second approach to prevention is directed at addressing the primary or underlying causes of drug abuse.