Traffic Safety Working Group

Current Members
  • Michelle Brooks
  • Chris Burdick
  • Wendy Camerik
  • Andy Guich
  • Drew Marchiano
  • Mel Padilla
  • Jeff Osterman
  • Kevin Winn

February 13, 2015, TSWG Letter of Recommendation

Meetings are held at 425 Cherry Street, 2nd Floor Conference Room
Dates subject to Change ~ 2017 dates are tentative

Thursday, 08/25/16 @ 3:30PM

Thursday, 10/20/16 @ 3:300PM

Thursday, 12/08/16 @ 3:30PM

Thursday, 02/16/17 @ 3:30PM

Thursday, 04/20/17 @ 3:30PM

Thursday, 06/22/17 @ 3:30PM

Thursday, 08/17/17 @ 3:30PM

Thursday, 10/19/17 @ 3:30PM

Thursday, 12/12/17 @ 3:30PM

Meeting 10/20/16

Update 2/6/17
the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has approved the Functional Classification changes for Cherry Street and Huntville Road in the Town of Bedford.  Both road classifications were changed from Minor Arterial to Major Urban Collector. Click here for the DOT Classification letter.  A brief description of Functional Classification and its purpose can be found at

Update 12/1/16
Following public hearings on measures to improve safety on Valley Road, Winding Lane and the challenging intersection of Bedford Road and Parkway, the Town Board adopted the following.  Valley Road and Winding Lane:   Residents had complained about parked vehicles on the shoulder impeding traffic flow.  Public Works Commissioner Kevin Winn reported that a letter was sent to residents of Valley Road and Winding Lane regarding options ranging from no parking permitted at all to a four hour limit.  Valley Road residents favored a four hour limitation and Winding Lane residents favored no parking.  This change has been adopted and signage has been installed.  It should be noted that a resident who spoke at the public hearing stated that the limitations should cover more of Valley Road.  We will be considering these suggestions. Lawrence Circle/Parkway: The Town Board adopted the following: (1) replace yield signs with stop signs; (2) narrow down Parkway (northeast corner) with concrete planters on a trial basis (ensuring that the passage is wide enough for fire department apparatus); (3) trim the bushes at Lawrence Circle and other areas where line of sight is obstructed; (4) create a “refuge island” at the median on Parkway; and (5) increase length of the no parking zone closest to the crosswalk in front of the library.

Update 3/10/15
The Bedford Town Board at its March 5, 2015, meeting adopted certain recommendations of the Traffic Safety Working Group set forth in a February 13, 2015, Memorandum to the Town Board (posted below).  The Board authorized line striping on Cherry Street; request to the NYS Department of Transportation to change the functional classification of Cherry Street from a minor arterial to a collector street; placement of a portable speed indicator on Cherry Street for a two month test period; and consideration of a stop sign on Jay Street in the eastbound direction at Barrett Road.  It is anticipated that Cherry Street line striping would take place in April, speed data collection in May, placement of the portable speed indicator in May/June and follow up speed data collection in June.  The Town Board scheduled a public hearing for 8:15 PM on April 7 on the proposed stop sign.

Update 11/7/14
The Bedford Town Board will hold a public meeting on the recently completed Cherry Street Traffic Study on Tuesday November 18, 2014, at 7:00pm; at the Town House, 321 Bedford Road, Bedford Hills, New York. This study is a product of the Traffic Safety Working Group and meetings held throughout the Town.  The study focuses on safety improvements to Cherry Street at the intersections of Quick’s Lane and Valley Road and also discusses recommendations for the length of Cherry Street.  Copies of the study may be reviewed online: Traffic Study Report – Cherry Street  In addition, copies of the study are available at the office of the Town Clerk. Following this work session, the Town Board may take action on the recommendations at its regular November 18 meeting.

Update 10/24/14
We anticipate shortly the traffic study report for portions of Cherry Street which the Town Board authorized in August and to take into account the heavier post Labor Day traffic.  The next meeting of the TSWG will be scheduled shortly thereafter. If you are interested in the study or future meetings of the TSWG, please sign up for the Town’s e-mails.  If you have comments or suggestions for the TSWG, please let us know what you think by sending an e-mail to

June, 2014
Welcome to the Town of Bedford’s webpage devoted to the Traffic Safety Working Group.  For an explanation of the purpose of the TSWG, please see the document below titled “Traffic Safety Working Group Proposal – Adopted 6/17/14

The Town Board is pleased to announce the appointment of four residents to the TSWG: Michelle Brooks, Wendy Camerick, Andy Guich and Drew Marchiano. Michelle Brooks has extensive marketing experience, including an expertise in social media, and worked with the Town for placement of new safety signage in Stanwood.  A long time resident of Bedford Village, Wendy Camerik has her own communications company and has been active in the community. A lifelong resident of Katonah, Andy Guich is a retired FDNY firefighter, is a dispatcher for the Bedford Police Department and has served as translator in Spanish for several agencies.  Drew Marchiano, also a Katonah resident, is the retired Chief of Police of the Town of Lewisboro, served on Bedford’s Comprehensive Plan Committee.  The Board had a difficult decision in making the appointments as there were so many highly qualified individuals who expressed interest.  We thank them for their willingness to serve the Town in this important capacity and hope that they will stay involved.