Local Farmers Markets & Fresh Food Stands

Here in Bedford, we are lucky to have many farmers markets and fresh food stands within close proximity. Supporting local farmers strengthens the local economy, as the direct-to-consumer business model allows farmers to keep more of their revenue.

In addition to the economic benefits, opting to buy your groceries from your local farmers market also provides health benefits. Since local foods are often picked and sold at peak freshness, they stay fresh for longer and retain more of their nutrients.

Lastly, on average, food travels 1,300 miles from "field to plate." Buying from local sources supports the environment by reducing the amount of harmful greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.

As we approach the summer and the height of the growing season, now is the perfect time to support local farms and vendors. Buying local food is beneficial to the overall community, your own health, and the environment. Here is a list of local farmers markets and food stands so you can enjoy fresh produce all summer long!

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