Food Scrap Recycling and Composting

Get the Dirt on Composting:

Additional Information at Bedford 2030 website or by calling 914-620-2411.

Food Scrap Collection

Bedford 2030 sells a small (1.6 gal) bucket, a large (6 gal) bucket, and a roll of compostable bags to get you started.

  • The small bucket is perfect for storage under the kitchen sink
  • The large bucket is sealable and animal proof so it can be kept outside and easily transported or left curbside
  • The compostable bags are not necessary, but keep things neater (optional)

Food Scrap Drop Off

When participants fill their large bucket they may bring it to the Town Recycling Center at 343 Railroad Avenue in Bedford Hills on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 8 am to 3 pm to empty it. The food waste will be processed at a commercial facility and ultimately will become salable commercial compost.

Curbside Compost

Curbside CompostThe Town of Bedford received a three-year grant from NY State to establish a curbside compost collection pilot program in Bedford. Up to 75 Bedford residents per year will have the opportunity to enter into a reduced-rate contract for weekly food scrap pickup. Residents in the pilot program will receive 50% off the contract price for their first year.

View the Bedford 2023 Curbside Compost website.

As a participant, you will sign up with and enter into a Pilot Contract with Curbside Compost, the hauling company, to pick up your household food scraps every Friday and transport them to a licensed compost facility. Curbside Compost will charge you their monthly rate. Each quarter, the Town will use NYS DEC grant funds to reimburse you for 50% of this amount.

Participation is as simple as purchasing a locking curbside bin from Bedford 2030, filling it up over the course of the week, and leaving it out for curbside pickup on Friday mornings. When the year is over, you will have the option to continue the service at full price.

Yard Debris

Leaves and grass clippings may go in your compost pile at home, but yard debris is not acceptable in our food waste drop-off or curbside programs. DPW operates a leaf composting facility, which processes the Town's wood waste and leaves and offers the opportunity for residents to drop off wood waste and leaves and pick up compost.

View the Beaver Dam Compost Facility page.