Blue Mountain Development Corporation


In February of 1980, the Blue Mountain Housing Development Corporation, Inc. was created by the Bedford Town Board to promote the social welfare, common good, and general welfare of the Town by strengthening the local residential housing stock. This was to be accomplished through the production of government-assisted housing for individuals and families. The Town Board appoints members of the Blue Mountain board.

Blue Mountain has renovated single-family homes and apartments and owns the Doyle House on North Katonah Avenue, Katonah. Blue Mountain also provides low-interest loans for the development of fair and affordable housing.

On behalf of the Town, the Board also seeks out opportunities to create housing units under the Town of Bedford Fair Housing Units Ordinance section 125-29.6.

The Town of Bedford has designated the Westchester Housing Action Council to market available fair and affordable housing throughout the Town. Anyone wishing to be considered as a potential applicant for residency should contact:

For interest in Doyle house please contact:

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