Conservation Board


Conservation Board Mission Statement: The Bedford Conservation Board is committed to working locally to improve the environmental health of all of our community and to foster a resilient future for our town and the world. Our mission is to serve as an advisory board to the Town of Bedford as well as to engage and inform the public of important environmental issues. The Conservation Board provides recommendations on proposed projects, plans, and policies to further environmentally sound practices, both for the town and the community. This is a 9-member board with a 2-year term appointment.


The Town Board created the Conservation Advisory Council in 1969 to act as the town's advisor on open space issues. In 1975, after the Council produced an Open Space Index, the Town Board elevated the Council to Board status.


In this role, it provides environmental and conservation-related information to the Town Board, the Planning Board, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Wetlands Control Commission, as well as other town agencies and departments.

Over the past several years the Conservation Board's efforts have resulted in:

  • ridgeline protection legislation; 
  • revision of the Town's exterior lighting ordinance; 
  • an inventory of lakes and ponds within the Town; 
  • a model rain garden in front of the Town Hall, 
  • recognizing conservation achievements on the part of individuals, groups and private companies through its Green Award; 
  • a grant to conduct a biodiversity study of the entire Town 

Additionally, the Board is engaged in collaborative efforts on both regional and state levels. We participate in the Environmental Leaders Learning Alliance at Teatown Lake Reservation. Our Board is a member of the New York State Association of Conservation Commissions, which is the umbrella group of all conservation commissions throughout New York State.

Currently, the Board is supporting legislation to limit the use of pesticides; organizing efforts to combat invasive vines; maintaining the town Rain Garden; and participating in the revisions to the Town's Comprehensive Plan as it relates to environmental and conservation issues.