Recycling & Sustainability

For over ten years, Bedford 2020 now Bedford 2030 has empowered community members to change behavior: adopt clean energy solutions, electrify home heating and transportation, reduce waste, embrace climate-friendly water and land practices, and more. The residents of Bedford have already made huge strides at reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and we will continue to lead a community-wide effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2040. Bedford 2030 envisions a carbon-neutral world and aspires to a sustainable community that conserves natural resources for future generations.

Our mission is to address the urgent issue of climate change and fight for clean, healthy air, water and land resources through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in our local community and beyond. Bedford 2030 provides community members with tools and resources to take individual and collective action.

  • Sign up for a FREE session with our Energy Coach, Bob Fischman, to get tips on increasing energy efficiency in your building. View the Energy Efficiency Tips with Bob Fischman website.
  • Consider making the switch to an electric or fuel-efficient car! E-vehicles are healthier and can save money. View the Clean Drive website.
  • Recycle properly and reuse when you can! View the Recycle and Upcycle website.
  • Check out the Bedford 2030 Recyclopedia for how, and where to dispose of ALL your household items. View the Bedford 2030 Recyclopedia website.
  • Reduce food waste and start composting for a healthier yard! Check out Community, Curbside, and at-home options. View the Composting Options website.
  • Make the switch to Solar, through Community Solar or at your home! View the Solar Energy Options website.
  • Find a new loving owner for your unwanted household items, or find a new treasure for FREE! View the TIOLI website.
  • Plant a tree – they increase carbon capture and storage, enhance biodiversity, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions! View the Rooted Solutions website.
  • Buy local food for healthier food with less transportation emissions– Visit one of the Greater Bedford area Farmers Markets or local food purveyors! View the Eat Sustainable Options website.
  • Join us! Support Bedford 2030 programs by volunteering, donating, or partnering! View the Join Us website.