Drug Abuse Prevention Council


The Bedford/Lewisboro/Pound Ridge Drug Abuse Prevention Council (DAPC) is a three-Town cooperative effort, funded by Bedford, Lewisboro and Pound Ridge with representatives from each Town. The Council is dedicated to the concept of primary prevention, which is defined as a program of activities directed at improving the general well-being of the community as it relates to raising awareness about the dangers of alcohol and other drug use and abuse. The Council does this by disseminating information, sponsoring presentations, and working with various community sectors to promote healthy lifestyles. The goal of DAPC initiatives is to create a positive and safe environment for individuals, families and the community by addressing the various risk and protective factors for substance use and abuse.

First, the Council provides information from research about drugs and alcohol, the way they affect individuals and their families, ways to identify the abuse of drugs and alcohol, resources for intervention and strategies for prevention. The second approach to prevention is directed at addressing the primary or underlying causes of drug abuse.