Leaves & Tree Pick Up

If you have a large property in Bedford, you may put leaves, sticks, and other natural yard debris in the woods to decompose. If you have a smaller property, the Town of Bedford has some options to help you if you choose to remove yard debris from your property.

Beaver Dam Road Compost Facility

Any time of year, Bedford residents may bring leaves, sticks, small shrubs, and other yard debris to the Town's Compost Facility on Beaver Dam Road in Bedford Hills operated by Westwood. The facility is open from 7 am to 3 pm on weekdays, but check the Town Calendar for special Saturday hours in the spring and fall. The materials here are composted into mulch and used to enrich the soils and plantings around Town parks and office buildings. Residents may also obtain free mulch and compost.

Bag Leaves Curbside

Any time of year you may put leaves, bundled brush, and small twigs into a brown compostable leaf bag* and put them by the side of the road for pick up. Please be aware that only leaves and small twigs should be put into bags. Bags filled with dirt, rocks, grass clipping and branches will not be accepted since they make composting very difficult and, due to the weight of each bag, require more labor and equipment. Call the highway department to request a pick up, and within a reasonable period of time the crew will pick them up and take them to the composting facility.

Paper degradable bags are sold locally at Mill River Supply in Bedford Hills and Kelloggs and Lawrence in Katonah and at most other hardware stores.

Fall Leaf Pick Up

In the fall, the highway department picks up loose leaves raked to the curb in neighborhoods where properties are under an acre. The October-November leaf pick up schedule will be posted on the Town Calendar.

Leave Leaves Alone

Leaves are natural and break down to provide nutrients to the soil and also provide habitat for creatures that benefit the ecosystem and trees in your yard. Leaving leaves also cuts down on fossil fuel emissions from blowers and trucks to transport them. So, rather than removing every leaf, consider mulch mowing some on your lawn and leaving some in beds to compost over the winter. 

Christmas Trees

In January and February the highway department will pick up Christmas trees left curbside and take them to the composting facility.