Wetlands Control Commission


Since 1973, the Wetlands Control Commission has been responsible for implementing the Town's Freshwater Wetlands Protection Law to preserve and protect wetlands and wetland buffers so that these areas continue to function as water supply areas, irreplaceable repositories of natural life, and flood damage protection measures.


A permit must be secured whenever any regulated activity occurs within a wetland or wetland buffer. Regulated activities can include site construction, dredging, draining, excavation, vegetation removal, and other land disturbances.

Administrative permits (PDF) are issued by the Wetlands Permit Official and generally permit lesser intensive activities, such as installation of sheds, fences, decks, and porches, and emergency repair. View more information.

Full permits (PDF) are issued by the Wetlands Control Commission and generally include greater land disturbance activities, such as the construction of driveways or pools or tennis courts, installation of a septic field, altering the flow of watercourses, and cut/fill activity. View more information.

Acts Permitted by Right

Some activities are permitted by right within wetlands/wetland buffers and do not require a permit provided that they do not constitute a pollution or erosion hazard or interfere with proper drainage or adversely affect reasonable water use by others. Such permitted acts must conform to the Town of Bedford Zoning Ordinance. View more information.