Todd’s Pond Committee


The Todd's Pond Advisory Committee (TPAC) was created by the Town Board in June, 2019 to consider the condition of Todd's Pond in Katonah, including but not limited to the impact of solids/silt accumulation in the pond and the extent to which the pond functions as a flood control component in the immediate pond vicinity and/or other parts of Katonah. The TPAC's mission also includes making recommendations to the Town Board with respect to addressing issues which impact the condition of the pond.


The TPAC has been involved in a number of activities, including: review of the previous reports and documentation relating to the pond; consideration of interim measures relating to the pond; discussing various issues relating to the pond with the Town's environmental consultant; engaging an engineering firm to conduct a study of the down stream stormwater impact from the pond and cost analysis for dredging (The report can be found at Todds Pond Study 2020 (PDF), engaged a contractor to try "hydroraking," drained the pond to assess conditions on the bottom, and will conduct a sediment study in 2024.