Town Wetlands Maps


To determine whether your property contains wetlands/wetland buffers, please consult the Town Wetlands Maps using the chart below. To use the maps, 

  1. Determine the Section, Block, and Lot number of your property by finding your address using the Westchester County Municipal Tax Parcel Viewer
  2. Find the corresponding Wetland Map page number by using the Section/Page Number maps on this page. For example, the Town House is 321 Bedford Road or Section 60.14, Block 1, Lot 1, which can be found on page 6.

Section/Page Number


The freshwater wetlands and watercourses shown on these maps represent areas that may be subject to jurisdictional regulations of the Town, New York State, or the United States Army Corps of Engineers. These maps have been prepared with all due diligence, however, the Town of Bedford makes no warranty, express or implied, as to their accuracy. Areas not designated on these maps may still be subject to regulation, and these maps are not intended to be substituted for on-site wetland boundary determination by qualified professionals.