Bedford First Responders

Professional Services

The Bedford Police Department is a full-service, full-time professional police department which is the primary response agency to 911 calls. While fire and medical first responders are primarily volunteer services, advanced life support calls are supported by an 8-town consortium which the Town of Bedford pays into to provide fly cars to be available 24/7 for immediate response in certain types of emergencies.

Volunteer Services -  Fire and Ambulance

The fire and ambulance services are provided by four volunteer agencies. The Fire departments in Katonah (KFD), Bedford Hills (BHFD) and Bedford Village (BFD) are supported by their own taxing districts and have elections for their Boards of Commissioners. In Bedford Village the fire district also provides ambulance service within the boundaries of the district.  The Katonah-Bedford Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps (KBHVAC pronounced "kay bee-aych vac") provides ambulance service to these hamlets and is not funded by taxpayers but from medical billing and donations.

Learn More about the Benefits of Volunteering

Consider becoming a volunteer! In addition to providing a vital service to your neighbors, you will reap the benefits of being part of a close and interconnected community of like-minded volunteers. Other benefits may include property tax benefits, free access to Town pools, and access to on-site fitness equipment or discounted membership to local gyms. Training and equipment provided free of charge. And students looking for volunteer hours, community service and college application enhancements might consider one of these opportunities.  

Bedford Hills Fire Department

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