What you can do

Since 2009 Bedford 2030 (formerly Bedford 2020) has empowered community members to change behavior: adopt clean energy solutions, electrify home heating and transportation, reduce waste, embrace climate-friendly water and land practices, and more. The residents of Bedford have already made huge strides at reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and we will continue to lead a community-wide effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2040. Bedford 2030 envisions a carbon-neutral world and aspires to a sustainable community that conserves natural resources for future generations.

Our mission is to address the urgent issue of climate change and fight for clean, healthy air, water, and land resources through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in our local community and beyond. Bedford 2030 provides community members with tools and resources to take individual and collective action.

Click on the Bedford 2030 links below and learn how you can join our community-wide campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect natural resources for now and future generations in Bedford and beyond: