Landlord Registry

Landlord Registry, Inspection and Reporting and Building Health Disclosure 

The former “Landlord Registry Law” (Chapter 76 of the Town of Bedford Code) has been amended and replaced with the “Landlord Registry and Rental Property Health and Performance Law,” and now includes two distinct components:

  1. Landlord registry, inspection and reporting (LLR)
  2. Disclosure of building and public health information (BHP)


As was the case with the former law, all landlords of buildings with two or more rental units* require an inspection of these units.  The new law requires this inspection every five years (the former law required these inspections every three years).  The new law requires the engagement of a third party inspector, benchmarking of energy use, and the public posting of building health information. 

The Town has hired Bedford 2030 as a consultant for two years to help with the roll out of this program. The Building Department and Bedford 2030 are developing registration forms and will continue to educate landlords and tenants about the program, which we anticipate launching in April 2024. To stay up to date please sign up for law related updates here

*with exceptions granted to two-family buildings where the building owner lives in one of the units

Next Steps for Building Owners

Once the program launches, landlords should anticipate the following steps: 

  • Register with the building department and paying administrative fee
  • Hire an approved inspector to conduct the required inspection 
  • Work with your approved inspector to access New York State funding to help pay for inspections, if applicable
  • Consider opportunities for optional building health and energy efficiency updates
  • Use the online benchmarking tool to report energy use per square foot

Next Steps for Program Administrators (Town of Bedford and Bedford 2030)

  • Post program guidebook and timeline on website
  • Establish list of approved inspectors determined through a Request for Information by the Town 
  • Set up registration and benchmarking systems/form
  • Outreach to landlords to begin the registration, inspection and reporting process using email and email

Stay in touch

To receive notifications about this program, including items listed in next steps, please subscribe here  Notify Me • Town of Bedford, NY • CivicEngage (  Please go to the News Flash section and selection Landlord Registry Updates.


Please contact Bedford 2030 with questions: or call (646) 389-6749


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