Holding an Event in Bedford


The Town of Bedford is the ideal setting for community and private events.  Public events held by community groups that require road closures, police to direct traffic, or use of public property are facilitated by the Town Clerk. Private Events at Town Facilities are facilitated by the Recreation & Parks Department.  Please note the following so that you may plan accordingly:

  • Every event will require an application
  • All community events on town property require town board approval
  • Some events may require additional resources by the PD or DPW, especially if your event will require road closures
  • Events require a Certificate of Insurance and Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreement 
  • Some events with catering, may require Department of Health approval
  • Events with tents may require building department approval
  • All events must comply with the Town's noise ordinance
  • Last minute applications may not be approved.
  • Fees may apply.

Public Events on Town Property

A public event application and Town Board approval is required for community events hosted by local organizations on public property or events held in neighborhoods (block parties) to be held on public property. Often these events require assistance from town departments for street closures or traffic control. Tents may require building department approval.  Please plan at least 45 days notice to process your application.  Fees may apply but the Town board may approve to co-sponsor an event and pay for all or part of the town resource requirements.


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Easy-to-follow Guidelines

Below you will find easy-to-follow guidelines and the full Town Board co-sponsorship policy.

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Private Event Rentals of Town Facilities

The Town's facilities, including the Bedford Hills Community House, the Bedford Hills Train Station, and the Town parks, may be accessed by calling Recreation and Parks to check availability and filling out the facilities application form below: 


Please note that rental of the Bedford Hills Train Station does not include use of the parking lot for events.  The parking lot may be blocked off to traffic on a case-by-case basis and may require road closure protocols.