Other Services of the Town Clerk

Through the Town Clerk's office, residents may access the following services and information:

Chapter 680 of the Laws of 2002 enacted General Municipal Law 209-cc, which requires the annual reporting of the presence of wild animals. The law states that each person owing, possessing, or harboring a wild animal as set forth in 209-cc must report its presence to the Town Clerk’s office on or before April 1 of each year. The town clerk will forward a copy of the completed report form to each state police troop, local police and fire department and ambulance/emergency services having jurisdiction over the hamlet where the wild animal resides. A copy of this law and form to report the Presence of Wild Animals is available at the Town Clerk’s office or can be found on this website under Resources/Forms & Applications under the heading Town Clerk.

View the Wildlife Fact Sheet (PDF).

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