Power Outages Update: 5-16-18 Mid-Afternoon

UPDATE ON POWER OUTAGES 5-16-18 Mid-Afternoon
Many have asked me whether an estimate can be provided for power restoration so they can make plans, especially given that the number of customers without power has remain frozen at the levels from this morning.   I have spoken with State Senator Shelley Mayer and Assemblyman David Buchwald who are pressing NYSEG hard to provide resources to the Bedford service area.   I also have spoken to the Governor’s Director of State Operations who will be speaking to NYSEG as well.   All of this said, the damage is extensive.   We have unconfirmed reports that transmission lines (these are massive power lines) to the north of us which lead to the Bedford service area are down.   I cannot offer any estimate of the duration of the outage.  It may be prolonged.

NYSEG   As mentioned, the outage numbers are frozen.  Out of 6633 customers (households) NYSEG reports 1257 without power mostly in Bedford Village and Katonah.  This translates to roughly 4,000 people.

Con Edison    I just learned that power has been restored to the Stanwood area.  There are still other areas in Bedford Corners without power which at least one Con Edison crew is working to restore.

Dry Ice and Bottled Water
As reported earlier, we obtain the supplies from the utilities (principally NYSEG).   Their policy is not to provide such supplies unless/until they determine that the outage will be prolonged (usually 48 hours or more).   Each utility is making the assessment.  NYSEG has advised me that they are working on providing supplies for pick up by municipalities early evening.   We will send Town staff to pick up the supplies and as soon as available, I will advise when it will be available and the distribution location.

There are no Town streets closed. NYS Route 35 at Mt. Holly is closed off.


Carbon Monoxide
Please do not use natural-gas powered kitchen ovens or ranges to heat your home. Using these cooking appliances for heating creates a significant risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that is invisible, odorless and tasteless. It is formed by the incomplete burning of fuels such as heating oil, wood, gasoline, natural gas, propane and charcoal. Also, don’t use charcoal grills indoors for heating or cooking because of the CO risk that also creates. The same warning applies to fireplaces that are not properly ventilated.

Please feel free to e-mail me at supervisor@bedfordny.gov or call me at 666-6530.
Thanks for your continued patience.

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