Al C. Bldg
Alberto Ciraco,
 Building Inspector
John Winter, Assistant Building Inspector
Gabriel Beltre, Code Enforcement Officer
Michael Repp, Deputy Fire Inspector
Alexandra Costello, Senior Office Assistant, Office Manager
Donna Monaco, Senior Office Assistant
425 Cherry Street, Bedford Hills, NY 10507
914.666.8040 – fax 914.666.2026

Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

1.  EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY AS OF SEPTEMBER 15, 2017, the Building Department will a require an Affidavit of Final Cost for all building permits to be submitted as part of the final inspection of each job in order to obtain a Certificate of Compliance.”

2.  Please be advised that applications for all permits should be mailed or brought in person to the Building Department.  Please do not email applications to the Building Inspector email.

Download forms, permits and applications

The Building Inspector and his assistants are the enforcement authority for the Zoning Ordinance, Building Code, rules and regulations for fire prevention and a myriad of other regulations of the Town of Bedford. This department also reviews plans and conducts inspections through the numerous stages of a construction project.

If you are thinking about doing anything to your home — inside or out, you are well advised to make a phone call to the Building Inspector’s Office your first priority. Permits are required for roofs, replacement windows, tree removal, additions; renovations; finished basements; accessory structures, including sheds; generators; oil tanks (installation & removal); fences/walls; swimming pools; wood burning stoves; and demolition. For questions about when a permit is required or if you need a Certificate of Compliance or Certificate of Occupancy, contact our office.

An electrical permit is required for all electrical work and electricians must be licensed by Westchester County. Plumbing permits are required for all plumbing work, including gas, and plumbers must be licensed by Westchester County. Sign permits are required for commercial properties.

Legalizations and Building Without a Permit

Please be advised: If caught building without a permit, the Town Board has adopted a legalization fee of $1000 plus the original permit fees. This fee is also in effect for any construction that was not filed for prior to the adoption of this fee. This includes finished basements, decks, pools, etc. An already built shed is $500 plus the original permit fees.

Landlord Registry Local Law No. 6 – 2007:

In accordance with Town of Bedford Local Law No. 6 – 2007, Landlord Registry, all owners of residential rental property in the Town of Bedford are required to register their property with the Building Department.

New York State Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector Requirements:

As of February 22, 2010, New York State requires every dwelling in the State to have a carbon monoxide detector. The law also requires owners of one- and two-family residences install and maintain a smoke detector that provides an audible alarm within each sleeping area. For specific requirements on other types of residences, including multi-family and apartments, please contact the Building Department.