2015 Budget & Projections

January 29, 2015 – You’ll find on this page Comptroller Ed Ritter’s financial projections, updated January 23, 2015. The projections employ the format and analysis recommended by the New York State Comptroller’s Office. This includes a four-year look back to actual data from audited financial statements, current analysis and reasonable projections looking five years into the future.  The projections assume Tax Freeze compliant budgets.  The Town’s Capital Plan which covers 2014 through 2022 also is used.  The future outlook is positive.  The largest improvement is a moderation in increases in employee benefits.  On a four-year historical analysis the average increases have dropped to 6%.  Future debt is based on actual debt service and estimates of future debt service under the Capital Plan. For the General Fund the projections show strong fund balances – one of the key items which rating agencies evaluate when deciding whether to retain the Town’s triple AAA credit rating.   The projections show a shortfall in 2016 for the Highway Fund but then a surplus which increases from 2017 forward. 

Summary Projections 2016-2020

General Fund Projections 2016-2020

Highway Fund Projections 2016-2020


December 23, 2014
General Fund Budget Projection as of 12-02-14

December 12, 2014
2015 Final Adopted Budget

November 21, 2014
Supervisor, Chris Burdick, Budget Address
Comptroller, Ed Ritter, Budget Address

2015 Preliminary Budget

October 31, 2014