Bedford Village Municipal Parking Project

For many years there has been discussion about expanding parking opportunities in the hamlet for businesses and for our residents and those who shop or do business in the Village.  To fill the need, the Town Board is considering acquiring from Bedford Presbyterian Church vacant land off of Court Road to the East to develop municipal parking (a provision in the deed to the Church for part of the property stipulates that it must be free municipal parking).

To move forward with the project, over the last two and half years, the Town has undertaken considerable “due diligence”, including, among other things, a Phase I and Phase II environmental assessment of the property, an hydrological analysis on the wetlands portion of the property, a concept plan for the proposed parking lot and a concept plan for an offsite wetlands enhancement in Bedford Village Memorial Park along the Mianus River which borders the park.

The Town invites the community to a public forum on February 5 at 7:30 PM at Historical Hall at which the preliminary plans will be presented and at which we would like to hear feedback from the community.

Please see the items posted below.  I will update this page from time to time as the project proceeds.

Letter to Residents ~ February 5 Meeting
Court Rd Boring Results Ltr LBG 10-16-15
Evans Associates – Proposal Village Parking Study and Design 7-9-15
Dwg. CP-1 Bedford Village Conceptual Parking Plan 08-11-2015
Village Green Parking Study COLOR 30 SCALE_01-30-2018