Septic Information

The Bedford Septic System Repair and Replacement Program is in effect as of October 6, 2015.  It is available to property owners in the New York City Watershed on a reimbursement basis only for 50% of approved costs.  If you received the “Letter to Property Owners in the NYC Watershed” posted below, your property is located in the watershed.  If you’re not sure, please call Jeff Osterman, Bedford Town Planner, at 666-4434.  We intend to make this a simple process for property owners and their contractors.

ACE Septic Repair/Replacement Program
Allied Community Enterprises, ACE, a local affordable housing organization, has received funding for a Septic Repair/Replacement Program.  ACE is led by Joan Arnold and has as its board members Katonah residents Don Scott and Betsy Weir.  This Grant is administered by ACE and funded by New York State Affordable Housing Corporation (AHC) to provide eligible homeowners with funding for septic repair/replacement. Grants are for systems that are in failure or failing, not for expansion.

Click here for the Supervisor’s Letter
Click here for the link to the ACE repair/replacement program