The Bedford Septic System Repair and Replacement Program


We are pleased to announce that the Septic System Repair, Remediation or Replacement Reimbursement Program has been reinstated.   The program is made possible under an inter-municipal agreement (IMA) between the Town and Westchester County. The County provides the funding for the program under the East of Hudson Water Quality Improvement Program.   The County is requiring certain revisions in the program.

Please read the following reimbursement criteria carefully before commencing any work for which you will be seeking reimbursement.

  1. Reimbursement is limited to 50% of eligible costs: Eligible costs are highly limited.   Eligible costs include engineering fees and the actual contractor cost of construction of the repair or replacement.  Engineering costs may not exceed 20% of the total construction costs. You are allowed reimbursement for one pump-out at the time of inspection, providing it is determined that the system is not in working order. One pump-out of a system as part of a replacement or repair is also an eligible cost.  No other pump-out expenses are eligible for reimbursement.  Restoration of the lawn – reseeding – is allowed.  No new topsoil, shrubbery or other landscaping is an eligible expense.  If you are uncertain whether a particular expense is eligible, please contact Jeffrey Osterman, Town of Bedford, Director of Planning at or 914-666-4434.


  1. Project Submission: All projects must be submitted to Jeff Osterman prior to the commencement of work for review. If the total cost of your project is estimated to exceed $20,000, you must obtain pre-approval for your work from the Westchester County Planning Department at 914 995-4400. Kindly copy Jeffrey Osterman on your submissions at or 914-666-4434.


  1. Additional Requirements:
    PRIOR to the commencement of work the property owner must:
  • Contact Joe Mancini of the Westchester County Department of Health at 914-224-7656 before any repair, remediation or replacement work is performed to ensure that prior approval or inspection of such work is properly coordinated with the Department of Health.
  • Supply the following to the Town of Bedford, attention: Jeffrey Osterman, Director of Planning, 425 Cherry Street, Bedford Hills, NY 10507 or :
    • The completed, signed, dated and notarized application form
    • Copy of Notice of Non-Compliance issued by the Westchester County Department of Health that the septic system was found
      in failure. Please contact the Mount Kisco office of the Health Department at 914-864-7330 for a copy of the Notice of
    • Photographs of the property evidencing failure of the septic system, if practicable.
    • Septic contractor’s contract for the work approved by the Health Department, including itemized scope of work with corresponding cost breakdown.
    • Work on the septic system may commence once the Town of Bedford and if applicable the County of Westchester, has approved and reviewed the Septic Contractor’s contract.
  1. Upon COMPLETION of the work, supply the following to the Town of Bedford, attention: Jeffrey Osterman, Director of Planning, 425 Cherry Street, Bedford Hills, NY 10507 or
    1. Evidence of full payment to the contractor.
    2. Photographs showing each stage of the work, and the completion of the project.
    3. Health Department final approval or inspection report if required.
    4. Address to which the reimbursement check is to be mailed.

The Town of Bedford will issue a check for 50% of the eligible and approved repairs, remediation or replacement.