Bedford Hills – Katonah Business Sewer District

Our Phase I Sewer Project team comprised of staff, project design engineers Woodard & Curran, Deputy Supervisor Lee Roberts and I have been pressing ahead to meet our ambitious plan to start construction of the sewer system by March 2020. This push follows the July 2, 2019 announcement from the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) that New York City at long last has completed the year long process to register the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between the Town and the City. This key agreement provides up to $13.3 million in funds to be transferred from the City to the Town for project costs.

We are moving forward with final permitting in preparation for bidding the project this fall. This timing will avoid the start of construction over November and December – the busiest time for our business community. The schedule also falls within the optimal bidding season, which we hope will result in favorable bid pricing. Following receipt and review of the bids, we intend to award the project in mid-December, and begin preparatory construction work, including review of submittals and schedules, during the winter.

A project of this nature unavoidably will be noisy, dusty and disruptive. That said, as we approach the start of construction, we will provide details on measures that will be taken to minimize such impacts. As we discussed previously, we also will form a small working group of owners and merchants in the Bedford Hills and Katonah business districts to work with our team and the contractor to help us identify issues and problems and address them.

 The following is the schedule which we have developed with our project team. 


















9.30.19 Woodard & Curran Bidding Documents for Construction

9.30.19 Woodard & Curran Bid Set of Drawings 1 of 2

9.30.19 Woodard & Curran Bid Set of Drawings 2 of 2

Updates of the September 19, 2019 Public Information Session:
9.19/19 Sewer District Figure

1.2019 Woodward & Curran Report

9-9-19 Sewer Project Funding Agreement

7-1-19 DEP Notice to proceed

Bedford IGA NYC 09-28-18 w attachments

1-15-19 Town Board Resolution on $55.1 million request to the County

1-15-19 Resolution for Funds on $650,000.00 request to the County

Woodard & Curran Preliminary Engineering Report, January 2019
Expansion and Completion of Bedford Hills-Katonah Sewer District

Woodard & Curran Phase II Report, December 2018

Adopted Sewer Law 11-8-18


Map of Phase I Sewer System

NYS_Home Rule Law_signed_7.31.2018

2018-07-20 Design Status Update

 2018-02-26 Design Status Update    

2018-02-09 Design Status Update

Community Meeting Minutes_2018-01-25

1.24-18 Design Status Update

1-17-18 Supervisor Invitation to January 25 Public Information Meeting

Sewer District Annual Report 2017

1-17-18 Sewer Project Update Information

2018-01-08 Design Status Update

2017-12-15 Design Status Update

2017-11-28 Design Status Update

2017-11-10 Design Status Update

2017-10-27 Design Status Update

2017-10-13 Design Status Update

2017-9-29 Design Status Update

Schematic Design Update Memorandum 9-1-17
2017-09-01 Design Status Update

2017-07-28 Design Status Update

Town Board Policy on Uncommitted Capacity (adopted 7-6-17)

Sewer Service Information Form
2017-07-14 Design Status Update

6-27-17 Letter to Property Owners – Upcoming Meeting

June 21 Special Town Board Meeting ~ New Sewer System

Supervisor Letter to Property Owners in Proposed District
Summary of Proposal
Rules of Voting

Order Calling for a Public Hearing
12-6-16 Town Board Res Agreement between Town and NYC DEP
 12-6-2016 Town Board Res Agreement between Town and NYS Corrections Dept
12-6-16 Town Board Res Negative Declaration under SEQRA Determination
11-15-16 Bedford Town Board Resolution to Proceed on Sewer Plan
Sewer Allocations Memo 10-24-16
11-3-16 Q&A Sewers Septic Watershed
6/28/16 Public Information Session
Information Regarding Sewer Plan June 2016
Sewer Plan Financial Considerations June 2016
Arcadis Sewer District Feasibility Study April 2016 
Malcolm Pirnie Sewer Plant Condition Assessment June 2011
Malcolm Pirnie Sewer District Feasibility Study July 2003
Westchester County Septic Pumpout Review 2016
Town Request for $19,250.000 to Northern Westchester Watershed Committee 6.27.16
Correspondence – Department of Corrections and Community Supervision
NWWC Resolution Supporting Bedford Sewer Project 7.7.16
Survey to Property Owners and Tenants in Proposed District

7-29-16 Update Memo to Town Board
Sewer District Feasibility Study Task 2 Final Technical Memo 9-15-16

Guidelines for Decommissioning Septic Systems
Guidelines for Abandoning Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems
New York State Department of Health Decommissioning Septic Tanks