Extended Deadline for Furloughed Federal Employees to Pay Real Property Taxes

At its February 5 meeting, the Town Board adopted a resolution, as authorized by a special emergency amendment to New York State real property tax law, to grant a temporary extension for payment of real property taxes for furloughed federal workers or the designated non-paid federal employee.   The action provides a penalty free period for a 90 days after the furlough has ended.

Those Bedford property owners that have been impacted by the furlough must apply for the extension in the Tax Receiver’s Office, located at 321 Bedford Rd in Bedford Hills, no later than March 4, 2019.  If you are affected, please provide Tax Receiver Amy Pectol a copy of your furloughed workers identification along with documentation that you were furloughed when applying.  Payment of the tax must be received no later than April 26, 2019.

For more information on this extension please contact the Tax Receiver at 914-666-4475 or by emailing at apectol@bedfordny.gov


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