North Katonah Avenue Catch Basin Replacement

5/21 through 5/28 – North Katonah Avenue Catch Basin Replacement Work

A catch basin at the corner of Katonah Ave. and Parkway has collapsed and needs to be replaced (i.e. in front of the Katonah Restaurant.) Additionally, a tree stump at this location needs to be removed and a corresponding portion the sidewalk needs to be repaired/replaced.

The work is scheduled to begin Wednesday, 5/21 and should take approximately a week to accomplish (weather permitting.) The Bedford Department of Public Works hopes to keep this section of roadway open to traffic (i.e. one lane with the work area coned off.) However, there may be times during the course of construction in which it will be necessary to temporarily close this part of Katonah Ave. (i.e. between Bedford Road and Parkway) as work proceeds. The work will be accomplished from approximately 7:30am and 4pm each day of work.

Your patience is appreciated. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bedford DPW Highway Division at 666-7669.

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