Pothole Repairs Season Has Opened

One of the more brutal winters in history followed by freezing and thawing has chewed up our roads, especially our 33 miles of dirt roads.  We are working as promptly as we can to restore them to good condition.  In addition to working to fix potholes, the Town Board has budgeted $1.1 million for paving – continuing the 30% higher level established in 2014.

As to potholes you find in our Town roads, please call our Pothole Hotline at 666-7669 or feel free to contact me at 666-6530 or Supervisor@ bedfordny.gov.

We are continuing to press the New York State Department of Transportation to attend to the even greater deterioration in the state roads in our Town, such as Routes 22, 117, 121, 137 and 172.   Though we are in constant communication with DOT, we would suggest that you call NYS’s pothole line at 1-800-POTHOLE.

We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Chris Burdick, Supervisor

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