Power Outages Update: 5-16-18 AM

A significant number of households remain without power following yesterday’s severe thunderstorms which struck our area.

NYSEG’s website over-reported outages last night in its service area (certainly better than under-reporting).  Out of 6633 customers (households) NYSEG now reports 1257 without power mostly in Bedford Village and Katonah.   Regarding estimated restoration date/time, NYSEG’s site states “assessing”.   NYSEG advises that both “make safe” and line crews are arriving this morning/this afternoon.   I should know this afternoon the status of dispatch of crews specifically to Bedford.   NYSEG has assigned a storm recovery liaison for Bedford with whom we are working directly.

Con Edison
In the Con Edison service area, the Stanwood area still is out.  We also have large swatches of Bedford Corners out including Capricorn, Chestnut Ridge, Cliffside, Croton Lake, Deer Knoll, Haines, McLain, Meeting House, Penwood, Sarles, Wood.   I’d estimate that about 300 households are without power.   Con Edison has assigned a storm recovery liaison as well.

To report downed trees/live wires: We probably already know it, but just to be sure, please call the Police Desk at 241-3111.

Report outages:
For Con Edison service area, call 1-800-752-6633

For NYSEG service area, call 1-800-572-1131

Dry Ice and Bottled Water
We obtain the supplies from the utilities (principally NYSEG).   Their policy is not to provide such supplies unless/until they determine that the outage will be prolonged (usually 48 hours or more).   Each utility is making the assessment.  As soon as I learn more I will advise.


Live Wires
There are some downed trees and wires in Town.  Please observe barricades and emergency tape which emergency personnel have put in place. They are there to protect the community.

Carbon Monoxide
Please do not use natural-gas powered kitchen ovens or ranges to heat your home. Using these cooking appliances for heating creates a significant risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that is invisible, odorless and tasteless. It is formed by the incomplete burning of fuels such as heating oil, wood, gasoline, natural gas, propane and charcoal. Also, don’t use charcoal grills indoors for heating or cooking because of the CO risk that also creates. The same warning applies to fireplaces that are not properly ventilated.

Please feel free to e-mail me at supervisor@bedfordny.gov or call me at 666-6530. Please call the Police Desk at 914-241-3111 with reports of downed trees or wires or e-mail me.

Thanks for your patience.

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