Power Outages Update: 5-16-18 Evening


NYSEG Service Area:   Route 35 now is open and NYSEG is in the process of restoring the circuits in that area. The number of customers without power has decreased slightly in the last hour. I do not have an estimated time of restoration for the 1,143 customers still without power.

Con Edison Service Area: Power has been restored to a good portion of those without power. Crews have put wires back up on poles on McLain and Sarles and are working on Chestnut Ridge (the last closed road). This is a “make safe” process, so we don’t have further information on the estimated restoration information other than Con Edison’s website which states restoration tonight or tomorrow.

Dry Ice and Bottled Water   NYSEG is providing municipalities dry ice/bottled water for distribution to their residents.   We have made arrangements for pick up. It will be available for pick up in front of the Town Offices at 425 Cherry Street starting at 10 PM tonight. The Dry Ice & Water will under a tarp in a white truck parked by the visitor’s space in front of the office building. Quantities are limited. Please take only two bags of dry ice and one case of water. It is an honor system.

Generator Needs:  Propane Dealers serving Bedford, updated today from the information we were provided in March.

  1. Heritage Fuel – 277-8089; Only delivering to current customers
  2. Halstead – 666-3200; BBQ tanks only for non-customers
  3. Suburban Propane – 666-5174; current customers only
  4. Platinum Propane – 666-2323; will serve those in need

Charging Personal Devices   We will set up the Courtroom at the Town offices at 321 Bedford Road for charging your personal devices.   It will be available at 10 AM tomorrow morning.


Carbon Monoxide

Please do not use natural-gas powered kitchen ovens or ranges to heat your home. Using these cooking appliances for heating creates a significant risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that is invisible, odorless and tasteless. It is formed by the incomplete burning of fuels such as heating oil, wood, gasoline, natural gas, propane and charcoal. Also, don’t use charcoal grills indoors for heating or cooking because of the CO risk that also creates. The same warning applies to fireplaces that are not properly ventilated.

Please feel free to e-mail me at supervisor@bedfordny.gov or call me at 666-6530.
Thanks for your continued patience.

Chris Burdick
Bedford Town Supervisor

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