NYSEG Service Area:   Since my most recent update last night, NYSEG has assigned a liaison to work with Bedford regarding allocation of resources and coordination with our own crews (for tree clearing following de-energizing lines).   A number of the downed trees/lines have been de-energized, but not all.   We once again have asked that a “make safe” crew be specifically assigned to Bedford to work directly with our Highway Department.   We also have been alerting NYSEG to the fact that its power outage list is incorrect with the de-listing of streets for which, in fact, power has not been restored.  As you probably know, the estimated restoration date/times on NYSEG’s power outage page ( for most areas in Bedford is today at 11:45 PM. If NYSEG promptly provides the resources which we have requested for days, then those estimates might be met, but, of course, no guarantees.   We are hopeful that now that we have a NYSEG liaison specifically assigned to Bedford, NYSEG’s communication with us will improve and be more reliable.

Con Edison Service Area:  I still have no information other than what’s posted to the Con Edison outage site.   We still do not have a Con Edison storm recovery liaison assigned to Bedford, though we have requested it several times.   As such, I am concerned about the reliability of Con Edison’s estimates of power restoration for most areas of Bedford tomorrow (note, however, that many streets, Con Edison identifies as “assessing”).

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