Historic Building Preservation Commission

Current Members

John Stockbridge, Chairman
Amy Parsons
Shelley Smith
John Sullivan
Kate Terry

914-666-4434 – Anne Paglia, Secretary
Email: Anne Paglia

2018 HBPC Schedule



This commission was formed in order to protect and preserve buildings in the Town of Bedford, which have or represent distinctive elements of the Town’s historical, archaeological, architectural or cultural past that are not part of the Town’s historic districts. The commission is comprised of five members that are appointed by the Town Board.The Town’s Historic Building Preservation Law requires commission approval for demolition or significant exterior alteration of a Historic Building. The Law also defines Historic Building and requires that the Town prepare and maintain a Survey of Historic Buildings



Commission Recommendations to Overhaul the
Historic Building Preservation Law
Following a public hearing on April 18, the Town Board adopted amendments to overhaul the Historic Building Preservation Law. With the guidance of the public, and in particular, owners of historic properties, the Commission worked on the overhaul proposal for nearly five years. The Town hired outside consultants to prepare a survey or list of properties within the Town worthy of historic designation. Working with this survey as a guide, the Commission recommended and the amended law provides a tier system of historic properties prioritizing their significance. Over several years the Commission held five public Information Sessions and met with the Town Board in four work sessions. Key provisions of the overhaul proposal are reduction in the number of properties regulated; significant scaling back of the authority of the Commission; clear establishment of “as of right” activities (no historic permit required); a new administrative permit to cut time and expense; and plain English rewrites of several provisions of the law.   The Town Board also is considering a partial rebate in building permit fees for historic work.

Historic Building Preservation Law

Documents related to Adoption of Amendments

Survey of Historic Buildings

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