Committee on Seniors

Current Members:

  • Josephine Voege, Chair
  • Marjorie Brown
  • Deborah Frishman
  • Joanne Marcus
  • Gina Shea
  • Lee V.A. Roberts, Town of Bedford Board Liaison
  • Chris Burdick, Town of Bedford Supervisor
  • Jim Whiting, Town of Bedford Recreation and Parks

At its April 5, 2016  meeting, the Town Board adopted a resolution for the formation of a Committee on Seniors.  The Committee on Seniors will focus on promoting policies and programs designed to help keep Bedford’s senior citizens healthy, vital and active. The Committee will consider existing services and programs provided to seniors, such as transportation, nutritional programs, recreational programs, housing needs and other community support programs. The Committee will consult with Recreation and Parks Department, the Recreation Parks Advisory Committee and cooperating agencies, both private and public.

The Committee shall be comprised of 10 members as follows:

  1. Seven residents of the Town, six of whom shall be seniors (age 65 or more) and the remaining individual may be a non-senior.
  2. The Town Supervisor, ex officio
  3. A Town Board member, ex officio
  4. The Superintendent of Recreation and Parks, ex officio, or his or her designee.Terms: Initial terms of the members are to be staggered so that are not all co-terminus. Each member, except ex officio members, thereafter shall have a three year term.Committee Chair. At the time of appointment of the members of the Committee, the Town Board shall appoint a chair whose responsibilities shall be as follows:
  1. Convene and conduct periodic meetings no less frequently than four times each year.
  2. Ensure documentation and communication of meeting actions and outcomes.
  3. Communicating the Committee’s recommendations to the Supervisor and Town Board.
  4. Maintain open communication with a liaison between the Committee and appropriate Town departments, citizens groups, business groups, residents, elected officials, governmental agencies and any other relevant persons to implement recommendations made and approved by the Town Board.Other Officers of the Committee   The Committee shall appoint among its voting members a Secretary to maintain minutes of meetings and to perform such other duties as the Committee may designate. The Committee also may, but shall not be required, to appoint a Treasurer.Reports to Supervisor and Town Board   The Committee shall make written reports and recommendations to the Town Board to effectuate the purpose set out in the mission statement. The first such report and recommendations are to be made within six months following the appointment of the Committee and thereafter no less frequently than twice a year (by June 30 and December 31). The Committee may make such other reports and recommendations from time to time as it may deem appropriate.Sunset Provision: The Committee will cease to exist and dissolve twelve months from the date the Board has appointed all members of the Committee unless prior thereto the Town board extends the term thereof.

Report to Town Board of Bedford from the Committee on Seniors
Click here for the February 2017 report