Water Districts

Kevin Winn, P.E., Commissioner of Public Works

Bob Mascianica, Deputy Commissioner of Public Works

William Nickson, Foreman
Leigh Valvano, Senior Office Assistant
425 Cherry Street, Bedford Hills, NY 10507
914.666.7855 – fax 914.244.4302

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 to 4:30




The DPW Water Division accepts credit card payments for water bills. Click here to complete the necessary credit card form.

The Water Division operates and manages four water districts within the Town, which serve 2,340 households through public water supply systems. The Cedar Downs Water District in the Stanwood section of Bedford serves 66 homes, the Farms Water District in The Farms section of Bedford Village serves 83 homes, the Old Post Road Water District serves 54 homes and businesses, and the Consolidated Water District distributes water to 2,137 homes and businesses in the Katonah and Bedford Hills areas. The remainder of Town residents rely on private wells for their water, which are not operated or maintained by the Town.

The department diligently monitors the public water supply for quality. In addition, they read water meters, repair and replace fire hydrants, and repair water main breaks.

Water Pressure Problem

Contact the water department if there are any questions regarding water pressure problems — both too high or too low — or if you are about to undertake major construction to determine the location of water lines.

Water Bills and Payments

Water bills are rendered quarterly and meter usage provides major revenue to the district. In addition, there is a Water District tax levied on properties within the various districts.

Make your checks payable to: Town of Bedford Water Districts, include your Customer Number on your check or money order and allow enough time for mailing. Your bill is not considered paid until payment is received. Please include the Payment Stub of the bill with your payment for fast and accurate credit to your account. Please do not send cash. Address to: Town of Bedford Water Districts, 425 Cherry Street, Bedford Hills, NY 10507

To Pay Online: Paying your bill through your bank’s On-Line Bill Payment Service, please update the billing information and include your customer number on your check for fast and accurate credit to your account.

To Pay In Person: If time does not permit mailing your payment or you prefer to pay your bill in person, you may make a payment at Water Department office.

Please contact the Bedford DPW Water Division at 914-666-7855 if you have questions
or require additional information.