Water Filtration Plant Project Update

7/7/14 – Bedford Consolidated Water District Filtration Plant Project Update
The Consolidated Water District Filtration Plant has been treating NYC water and supplying it to our customers since June 2013. The plant is performing well and producing excellent quality water. It was designed to replace our existing groundwater supplies and provide a long term, high quality source for the Consolidated Water District.

The design included technologies to allow for unattended operation, as is the case with our previously existing water treatment facilities. In late May of this year we began a mandatory test of the plant to obtain regulatory approval to run the plant without the need for constant staffing. The test will take a minimum of six months.

During this test period the supply will be continue to be blended from the new plant and existing wells, so the water will still have moderate levels of hardness (calcium and magnesium). Residents with water softeners are advised to keep them until we are fully switched over to the new supply. Information will be sent to residents by letter and the Town website about when the use of the existing wells has stopped.

Please contact the Bedford DPW Water Division at 914-666-7855 if you have questions or require additional information.

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